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DESERT DAYS A/W 16 was one of the most intense but beautiful experiences I've had with Lion Of The Desert. Collaborating with Powerhouse Tegan Larkins, Designer and Founder of jewellery label The Sass Vamps. Surrounded by cactuses and succulents from Hyde + Bloom on a seaside desert setting, enjoying the aromas of Gypsy Roses candles and listening to the laid back tunes by Mikey Smith turned the event into an experience. Seeing the models own their beauty and tackle their nerves was a complete inspiration and being able to see my collections come to life was a dream come true. -- Jessica Barrie, Founder LOTD Boutique

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Lion Of The Desert is an Australian online boutique for women, featuring carefully selected timeless designs as well as on trend pieces by all Australian Designers. Founded November 2014 in a small mining town of Port Hedland, Western Australia. A store passionate about bringing awareness of Australian fashion designers to the forefront of womens minds and teaching women to buy designs that make them feel comfortable and confident. What suits you, may not suit me, go with what feels good and dont buy it unless you love it. -- Jessica Barrie, Founder LOTD Boutique

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